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Boat Maintenence

One thing you should know before buying a boat and going cruising is that is going to be a lot of work.  But it is kind of cool work, even though it is often difficult and you invent new curse words as you go.  Since we have owned a sailboat I have acquired many new skills such as:  sewing, sail repair, fiberglass repair, applying nonskid to decks, rigging tuning, stainless care, applying epoxy and epoxy paints, varnishing wood, plumbing, electrical and engine repair.  I must say I feel much more capable and independent than before being a cruiser, however necessity being the mother of invention, if I did not have a cruising sailboat, I don’t think I would have just gone out and perfected these skills.  Now, if you have enough money, you might say, why not just pay someone else to do it all for me?  Right.  That might work if you are in civilization at a dock or marina.  But the point of cruising is exploring remote places on your own.  Sometime, somewhere you are bound to have to take care of something or things on that boat simply because there will be no one around to do it for you.  And I think that is one of the best parts about cruising.  Although it is a lot of work, it can be very satisfying when you complete a project and you know you’ve done well.  If you are actively cruising, the boat will get a lot of wear and tear, so be prepared to work on something, almost daily, definitely weekly if you want to beproud of your vessel and the shape that it is in.  Too many people let their boats fall into disrepair and that gives sailors a bad name.  Harbors worldwide have too many fine boats in them that have become derelict messes.  Be proud of your boat, it is your home, and your magic carpet, too!