Preparing Your Finances To Go Cruising Part 3

Part 3

Increase Income

Another way you can build your cruising kitty is increase your income. The less money you have going out and the more money you have coming in is always better. Keep working your job, because if you’re planning on changing your life and going cruising, you’ll need every penny you can make. You will want to work right up until you cast off the dock lines. If you have time for a second job, get one now. If the family, or your spouse is as excited about this as you are, then they should get a second jobs too. Cruising is all about teamwork. If they are not on board with the idea of going cruising, then you should rethink your dream. Seriously. Many would be cruisers have found that you often have to choose between your loved ones and cruising. More on that later in Preparing Yourself to Go Cruising.

Some creative ways that we personally use to increase our income are by working a second job, working longer hours at the same job (this only holds true if you’re paid by the hour), selling our cars, and selling our stuff (garage sales and ebay are awesome). This is your first taste of working to live, not living to work, and it will be the way you view your moneymaking ventures from now on if you choose to live the cruising dream for years to come.


2 responses to “Preparing Your Finances To Go Cruising Part 3

  1. Prayers, pomes and promises

    My hart skips a beat when I think of doing the life you describe. I’m turning 40 in a month and just bought my first sailboat two months ago. A Helms 25. Nice little gal but already long for a live on. I have found my dream. My wife and I plan on retiring on a sailboat and hope to find the excitement you describe….

  2. What do you think of the feasibility of flying home every winter to work a seasonal job for a month or two while my family remains on the boat? OR if we leave the boat unattended and we all come home for a visit? Are there reasonably safe places to leave the boat or my family while I’m working??

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