Sacrificing the Cruising Season

Sometimes it is neccessary for us to, (horror of horrors), skip a cruising season!  We usually work seasonal jobs June through November and then cruise the islands December through May.  However, if we do not make the neccessary amount of money for the cruising kitty, we cannot go for the whole time or at all in some cases.  This year, we lost our diesel engine.  It finally died for good.  The replacement will set us back about $10,000.00.  It looks like we will need to keep working in order to pay that off and save enough to go cruising next year.  We choose to cruise debt free.   We have been debt free for as long as we’ve been cruising and do not want the burdens or risks of debt holding us back or pulling us under.  It is easier and more carefree cruising for us that way.  There is also the possibilty that we could make enough money between now and  the usual departure date.  I could sell the book I’ve been working on, or maybe 1,000 copies of my ebook, “Preparing Your Finances to Go Cruising” (for sale on my website, OR maybe we’ll have one of our business ideas take off in the next couple of months for a remote income from a website based business. . . If you want to keep cruising you have to have all sorts of money sources, we are working on more than a few.  But, for now, it’s mainly good old fashioned rat race style working that is feeding our hungery cruising kitty.  I work in a realty office and my husband, Brian, does remodels for existing homes.  I still harbor the hope that we will make enought to pay for a new engine and go cruising in December – anything is possible, right?  If it doesn’t happen, we will be madly planning a fabulous cruising season for December ’09!


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